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7 Reasons to Never Skip a Home Inspection

reasons never skip home inspection
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Buying a home can be costly. The process comes with necessary out-of-pocket expenses such as down payment, closing fee, origination fee, and more. To save money, skipping a home inspection can be tempting for many homebuyers. However, doing so might cost you thousands of dollars in the long run. In fact, here are 7 reasons why you should never skip a home inspection.


Safety Concerns


It's easy to find broken fixtures in a home and think that you can quickly fix them. What's not easy is detecting things you can't see or smell. A home inspection can reveal the presence of harmful substances such as carbon monoxide, mold, and radon. Not only are these hazards costly to remove, but they can also be life-threatening to you and your family.


Finding Deal-breakers


A house can look fantastic and move-in-ready. However, only a quality home inspection can reveal its real condition. A home inspection lets homebuyers know about repairs and maintenance that the house requires. It also helps them identify if they are willing to spend additional money and effort to make the house personally acceptable. If not, they could use these findings as a reason to back out of the contract.


Protecting Your Investments


Buying a home is a huge decision that doesn't come cheap. So it's only natural that you'd want to protect your investment. If possible, follow the inspector around as they complete the job. They are a great source of information on maintaining your home, systems, and equipment. Knowing how to take care of your home can save you thousands in the long term.


Revealing Illegal Additions


Home inspections can tell if a house has had illegal additions or adjustments. Examples of these would be rooms, basements, or decks that were built without proper permits or that are not up to code. Having these illegal additions could affect your taxes, insurance, and the overall value of the home. You're basically purchasing something that does not exist and will become your financial burden.


Anticipating Future Costly Repairs


A professional home inspector can determine the age and condition of the home's systems and equipment. This allows you to anticipate future repairs and replacements.


Obtaining Insurance


Some home insurance companies will not insure a home unless it has undergone a certified inspection. Insurers may not want to cover a home that's going to require lots of repairs. Getting a home inspection done will make insuring your home an easier process.


Negotiating a Better Price


A home inspection could reveal several issues. But if these problems are not big enough of a deal for you to back out, you could use them to renegotiate the purchasing price.


Bonus Tip: 


Always make sure that you work with a licensed home inspector. There are many horror stories of homebuyers who wanted to save money by having a friend or family member inspect the house and end up paying more for repairs.


Additionally, a home inspection can give the homebuyer peace of mind. It lets them know if the house they are buying is worth it and in good shape for their family to live in. Save time, effort, and money by getting a professional home inspection.

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