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Mortgage Broker Florida Expert: Ebenezer Mortgage Solutions

Welcome to Ebenezer Mortgage Solutions, your trusted partner in navigating the intricate landscape of mortgages in the Sunshine State of Florida. As your dedicated mortgage broker, we take pride in being the expert resource you need to secure the ideal financing for your homeownership dreams.

Loan Programs

Each loan program brings its own set of benefits and considerations, allowing individuals to choose the path that aligns best with their unique circumstances. Here's an overview of the various loan options we offer:

FHA Loans

FHA (Federal Housing Administration) loans are government-backed mortgages designed to assist homebuyers with flexible credit requirements and low down payment options. These loans are popular among first-time homebuyers and individuals who may have faced financial challenges in the past.


Down Payment: As low as 3.5%, making homeownership more accessible.

Credit Score: Accepts borrowers with lower credit scores.

Flexibility: Ideal for those with a history of credit events, such as short sales or foreclosures.

Accessibility: FHA loans offer a pathway to homeownership for a broader range of individuals

VA Loans

VA (Department of Veterans Affairs) loans are specifically designed to provide mortgage options for veterans, current service members, and eligible surviving spouses. These loans offer unique advantages, including competitive interest rates, no down payment requirements, and no need for private mortgage insurance (PMI).


Eligibility: Exclusively available to veterans, service members, and eligible surviving spouses.

Financing: 100% financing, requiring no down payment.

Rates: Generally lower than conventional loans.

No PMI: No need for private mortgage insurance.

USDA Loans

USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) loans are tailored to assist low to moderate-income earners in purchasing homes in rural areas. These loans aim to promote homeownership in designated rural communities and offer 100% financing.

  • Location: Limited to eligible rural properties.
  • 100% Financing: Provides full financing, eliminating the need for a down payment.
  • Credit Score: Requires a minimum credit score, typically around 620.
  • Affordable Housing: Aims to make homeownership affordable for families in rural areas.

Conventional Loans

Conventional loans are not government-backed and are instead offered by private lenders. These loans have strict guidelines but can be more affordable for borrowers with good credit and financial stability. They are a popular choice for those who can meet the stricter qualification criteria.

  • Down Payment: Typically requires a down payment ranging from 3% to 5%.
  • Credit Score: Requires a higher credit score compared to FHA or VA loans.
  • Flexibility: Offers various terms and fixed payment options.
  • Affordability: This can be more cost-effective for borrowers with strong financial profiles

Jumbo Loans

Jumbo loans are designed for individuals seeking to finance luxury homes that exceed conventional loan limits. While these loans often have stricter lending requirements, they provide an opportunity to purchase high-value properties with a lower down payment than commonly believed.

  • Property Value: Intended for luxury homes that surpass conforming loan limits.
  • Down Payment: Requires a down payment of 5% to 10%, contrary to the misconception of a 20% requirement.
  • Creative Financing: Often involves a combination of a first mortgage at the conventional loan limit and a second mortgage.
  • No Mortgage Insurance: This avoids the need for mortgage insurance, resulting in lower fixed payments.

Non-Conforming Loans

Non-conforming loans do not meet the standard criteria set by government-sponsored enterprises like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. These loans cater to borrowers seeking larger loan amounts or those with unique financial circumstances.

  • Loan Amount: Exceeds the limits set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
  • Customization: Provides flexibility for borrowers with specific financial situations.
  • Unique Circumstances: Ideal for individuals with non-traditional income sources or those seeking larger loans.
  • Tailored Solutions: Mortgage lenders may offer customized terms based on the borrower's unique needs.

Simple Mortgage Process

The journey to homeownership is a significant milestone, and our simplified mortgage process at Ebenezer Mortgage Solutions ensures a smooth and straightforward experience. Here's a breakdown of our loan process:

1. Loan Application

You begin with a straightforward application process. Provide us with basic information such as your full name, contact details, and any other essential data to kickstart your homeownership journey.

Personal information.

2. Loan Consultation / Prequalification

You’ll work with a dedicated mortgage broker who will guide you through the process. You’ll then receive a pre-qualification letter outlining an estimate of your approved loans. This letter will empower you in your property search.

Pre-qualification letter.

3. Home Shopping

Your realtor, in collaboration with our team, helps you find the perfect property that aligns with your approved loan amount and meets your specific requirements.

Sales contract.

4. Loan Processing

With the sales contract in hand, we seamlessly process the loan, providing you with a clear estimate and necessary disclosures such as closing costs. Our goal is to make the documentation process smooth for your comprehensive review.


5. Appraisal

A third-party appraiser evaluates the property's worth, ensuring that your investment aligns with the true value of the home. This step ensures transparency and fairness in your home purchase.

Appraisal evaluation.

6. Underwriting

The underwriter scrutinizes all aspects of the mortgage, ensuring that everything is in order. Once satisfied, your mortgage loan moves to a "Clear to Close" status, marking a significant step toward finalizing your homeownership.

Clear to Close

7. Closing

Receive and review the Closing Disclosure, prepare necessary loan documentation, and get ready for the closing day. Our team ensures that everything is in order for you to sign the paperwork and receive the keys to your new home.

Closing Disclosure,

Why Ebenezer Mortgage Solutions?

Competitive Rates

An interest rate obtained through a mortgage lender like a bank tends to be high. That is why we meet with multiple lenders to negotiate and select the most competitive mortgage rates for you.

Fast Closing Times

You can save time by employing us. Ebenezer Mortgage Solutions works as a team to make sure all the details around your mortgage are solved within the time frame you need.

Professional Team

We do everything for you. We apply for loans, negotiate terms, fill out documents, manage back-and-forth communication, decipher the legal terms, and handle all the details to ensure the transaction stays on track.

Home Buyer Resources

This is a list of important resources for you to buy your home the smart way:

Mortgage Calculator

A tool that lets you estimate your monthly house mortgage payment. This includes the principal and interest, taxes, insurance, and private mortgage insurance.

Estimate Your Mortgage

Loan Process

Understand how we get your mortgage. This covers the information you need to provide, the documents we work with, and all the steps we take to make you a homeowner in the end.

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First-Time Homebuyer

Buying a home can be challenging for a first-time home buyer. But there are some special treats you can enjoy and take advantage of, such as down payment assistance, when entering the real estate world.

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Customer Login

A portal created for those who hire our mortgage broker services. Login to check out your documentation, current loan process stage, and your mortgage status.

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Learning to Buy a House

Purchasing a home is no small feat, and finding the right approach is essential. While it may be tempting to exceed your budget when buying a house, such a mistake can have lasting implications on your wealth-building endeavors.

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Why Choose a Florida Mortgage Broker?

Local Expertise

Florida's real estate market is unique, with varying property values, regulations, and market trends across different regions. A Florida mortgage broker understands the intricacies of the local market, enabling us to provide tailored advice based on your specific needs and the nuances of the area you're interested in.

Network of Lenders

Established Florida mortgage brokers typically have strong relationships with a wide network of lenders. This network can be leveraged to your advantage, increasing the likelihood of securing competitive loan terms and interest rates. A well-connected broker can help you navigate the diverse range of mortgage products available, ensuring you find the one that suits your financial goals.

Local Realtor Collaboration

Collaborating with local realtors, we assist you in finding the right property for your approved loan amount. This partnership ensures that your home requirements and needs, such as property area, number of bedrooms, and neighborhood options, are met.

Your Guide to Homeownership in Florida - Ebenezer Mortgage Solutions

A word from our CEO

When purchasing a new home, it is important to choose the right people and the right company to help you expedite the transaction. Ebenezer Mortgage Solutions is a full-service mortgage broker, offering you Conventional, USDA, FHA, and VA loans.

As the CEO of Ebenezer Mortgage Solutions, I have been in the mortgage business for many years. I have helped people buy homes, first as a loan originator, then as a processor, later as an underwriter, and finally now as a company owner. With my experience and knowledge, I can help ensure that your loan transaction goes smoothly.

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Yuleisy Gonzalez Alvarez

​CEO / Mortgage Loan Originator

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