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Cheapest Places to Live in Texas

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Texas, the Lone Star State, is a land of endless possibilities and diverse living options. From sprawling urban centers to charming rural communities, this state has something to offer everyone. With its rich culture, thriving economy, and breathtaking landscapes, it's no wonder that Texas attracts residents from all walks of life.

In this article, we'll explore the cheapest places to live in Texas, making it easier for potential homeowners to find their perfect spot under the Texan sun.

Why Texas Offers Great Value for Money

Texas is gaining popularity as a destination offering exceptional value for money. Its robust economy, absence of state income tax, and affordable places to live make it a financially attractive choice for people looking to settle down without breaking the bank.

Texas also provides a rich cultural scene, abundant outdoor activities, quality education, and promising prospects. This combination of factors makes Texas a land of opportunity and affordability, drawing people from all over the country.

Dive into Texas' Most Affordable Cities

Texas is a land of diverse living options and its affordability varies across different regions. Whether you're a budget-conscious individual, a family, or someone looking to retire comfortably, there's a Texan city that suits your needs. Let's explore the most affordable cities in Texas.

North Texas – Exploring Economical Living in the North

North Texas offers a balance between urban amenities and affordability. Cities like Dallas-Fort Worth are known for their thriving job markets and budget-friendly neighborhoods.

East Texas – A Look Into the Cheapest Locations in This Region

East Texas presents a blend of natural beauty and affordable living. Towns and cities in this region, like Tyler and Longview, provide a tranquil lifestyle without breaking the bank.

West Texas – Value Finds in the West

West Texas offers wide-open spaces and low living costs. Communities such as Lubbock and Midland-Odessa are known for their affordability and strong sense of community.

Best and Safest – A Mix of Value and Security

A top priority for many is finding a balance between affordability and safety. Thankfully, several cities in the Lone Star State have managed to strike this harmonious chord, making them some of the best, cheapest places and safest places to live in Texas.

Frisco, TX

Frisco shares many of the same attributes that make North Texas a haven for families seeking safety and value. It boasts a thriving job market, top-rated schools, and a welcoming community. Frisco is also known for its well-maintained parks and recreational area, providing a high quality of life for residents.

McKinney, TX

Another gem in North Texas, McKinney, offers a historic charm and a tight-knit community atmosphere. With a low crime rate and a range of affordable housing options, McKinney is an attractive destination for those looking for security and a slower pace of life.

Keller, TX

Keller, in the Fort Worth area, offers a small-town feel with big-city amenities nearby. Safety, strong schools, and a sense of community make it a top pick for those seeking a secure and affordable living environment.

Cedar Park, TX

Located near Austin in Central Texas, Cedar Park is known for its safety and affordability. It offers a variety of housing options, excellent schools, and a strong sense of community.

Sugar Land, TX

Sugar Land, situated southwest of Houston, offers a mix of safety, excellent schools, and a thriving community. Its diverse community and numerous parks add to its appeal.

For the Retired (55 and over) – Budget-friendly Spots for Those in Their Golden Years

Retirement marks the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in life, and choosing the right place to enjoy your golden years is a crucial decision. Fortunately, Texas offers a range of budget-friendly spots that cater to the unique needs and desires of retirees aged 55 and over.

McAllen, TX

McAllen consistently ranks among the top retirement destinations in Texas. Its affordable cost of living, warm climate, and proximity to the Mexican border make it an attractive choice for retirees. Moreover, McAllen boasts a range of senior-friendly communities, parks, and cultural activities to keep retirees engaged and active.

Harlingen, TX

A short drive from McAllen, Harlingen, TX, offers similar benefits for retirees seeking an affordable and sunny retirement destination. The city's low housing costs, healthcare facilities, and vibrant social scene make it an appealing option for those looking to enjoy their retirement without financial worries.

Brownsville, TX

Located near the Gulf Coast, Brownsville offers a coastal lifestyle on a budget. The city's mild winters, cultural attractions, and low living expenses make it an ideal spot for retirees. Brownsville's welcoming community and senior-friendly services enhance the overall retirement experience.

Wichita Falls, TX

Located in North Texas, Wichita Falls is known for its low cost of living index and friendly atmosphere. Retirees here can enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and fishing, while the city's healthcare facilities cater to the needs of older adults.

Amarillo, TX

Amarillo, in the Texas Panhandle, is the cheapest city in the Lone Star state. The city's low living costs, healthcare options, and cultural attractions offer a fulfilling retirement experience.

Major Cities – National Average

As of 2023, the national cost of living in the US is $61,334 and with a national average home price of $410,200. In comparison, the Texas average cost of living is $45,114 per year with an average rent of $1,106 and a median home price of $305,497. In this section, we explore the three major cities in Texas and how their cost of living compares to the national average.

Dallas, TX

Dallas, in North Central Texas, is a bustling major city known for its robust economy, cultural diversity, and wide range of opportunities. While its cost of living is 7% higher than the national average, its excellent public transportation system, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities contribute to the overall quality of life for its residents.

Houston, TX

As the largest city in Texas and the fourth-largest nationwide, Houston boasts a bustling economy, a rich cultural scene, and a diverse population. Despite its size and prominence, this major city maintains a cost of living that is 5.4% lower than the national average. With a strong job market, welcoming community, and access to a wide array of amenities, Houston provides an excellent balance between opportunities and a reasonable cost of living.

Austin, TX

Austin, the state capital, has garnered a reputation as a tech hub and cultural hotspot of Texas. Its unique blend of innovation, creativity, and affordability has drawn tech professionals, artists, and families alike. Although its cost of living is 9.1% higher than the nationwide average, the city's commitment to green spaces, outdoor recreation, and healthy lifestyle adds to its appeal.


Other Cities – Finding Value in Places Like:

Grand Prairie

Located in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Grand Prairie's cost of living is 6.8% higher than the national average. However, its central location also means that residents can easily access employment opportunities, shopping centers, and cultural attractions throughout the Metroplex. Overall, Grand Prairie is a city that combines affordability with the advantages of big-city life living.


Dublin is a small charming town located in Central Texas. With a cost of living that is 10.1% lower than the national average, this city creates an inviting environment for retirees, families, and anyone seeking a peaceful, budget-friendly living experience.


Situated in the heart of the Brazos Valley in East Texas, Bryan offers a blend of affordability and a vibrant community. With a cost of living that is 15.7% lower than the national average, plus having a proximity to College Station, Bryan is an affordable alternative for students, young professionals, and families that want access to educational and cultural opportunities while benefiting from lower housing costs.


Plano, located in North Texas, is a major city that strikes a balance between affordability and high quality of life. It might have a cost of living that is 7.1% higher than the nationwide average, but Plano's commitment to green spaces and recreational facilities ensures that residents have ample opportunities to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle.

Additional Considerations – Kid-friendly Spots and Areas Near the Gulf

For families, Texas provides a wealth of options that combine affordability with kid-friendly amenities and proximity to the Gulf Coast. If you're looking to provide your children with a well-rounded and enjoyable childhood experience, you might want to consider these cities:

An island city known for its sandy beaches and amusement parks like Moody Gardens and Schlitterbahn Waterpark.

Corpus Christi:
Located on the Gulf of Mexico, Corpus Christi offers beautiful beaches, the Texas State Aquarium, and the USS Lexington Museum.

Port Aransas:
A quaint beach town that offers fishing, dolphin-watching, and the opportunity to build lifelong memories on the shore.

A family-friendly community near the Gulf Coast, Rockport is known for its art galleries, bird-watching, and laid-back atmosphere.

Top Picks – A Quick Rundown of the Top 10 Cheapest Cities in Texas

For those looking for the best bang for their buck, consider these top 10 cheapest places to live in Texas compared to the national average cost of living:

  1. Amarillo, TX: 10.5% lower
  2. Brownsville, TX: 19.2% lower
  3. Wichita Falls, TX: 12.7% lower
  4. Laredo, TX: 15.7% lower
  5. Lubbock, TX: 8.8% lower
  6. Beaumont, TX: 11.3% lower
  7. Waco, TX: 14.2% lower
  8. Abilene, TX: 10.9% lower
  9. Killeen, TX: 15% lower
  10. McAllen, TX: 21% lower

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Final Thoughts on Affordable Texas Living

Texas offers an enticing blend of affordability, opportunities, and rich experiences. From thriving cities to serene coastal towns, it's a state that caters to diverse lifestyles without straining your budget.

To make your transition to affordable Texas living even smoother, consider partnering with Ebenezer Mortgage Solutions. Our expert mortgage broker can tailor the best mortgage plans to your unique needs, helping you secure a comfortable and cost-effective living situation.

Your journey to a budget-friendly Texan lifestyle begins here. Contact us today at (813) 284-4027 and let's make your Texas dream a reality together.

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